Modern farmhouse meets bohemian cottage The guest shed mood board- Week 1 One Room Challenge

ORC Week 1: Modern Farmhouse Meets Cozy Bohemian Cottage Guest Shed Plans & Before Pictures

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Welcome, friends, to week 1 of our very first One Room Challenge!

Over the next month and a half, we’ll be tackling this renovation as a guest participant in the One Room Challenge, which is a 6-week room makeover challenge hosted by Linda of Calling it Home. Every Spring and Fall, bloggers from all over the internet take part and document their progress along the way.

I was a little hesitant at first to take on such a short deadline since we haven’t officially finished our master bathroom, which, by the way, has taken way longer than we expected. I went back and forth between choosing two different renovation projects. We could either take the easy route and add the finishing touches to the downstairs half-bath or we’d dive headfirst and tackle the 110 square foot garden shed and make it a guest cottage shed.

So which project did we decide to take on? We chose the guest shed, the more difficult and expensive remodel. Of course! Makes complete sense, right?

Why did we choose the garden shed?

Well, one reason is out of necessity. My stepdaughter needs a place to hang out when she comes to stay with us that feels like her own space away from the boys. It can also be a place for our parents to stay when they come into town.  They usually stay in a room upstairs but as they get older, the stairs will be more difficult to navigate. The other reason…we love a challenge, especially ones that motivate us to get a project done by a certain date.

So, usually, there’s part of the “before” where we all cringe when we see the before pictures and this is no exception. This was how the garden shed looked the first day I went and looked at our 1915 bungalow and after we cleaned it up last summer. It still needs much TLC.

Before pictures of garden shed

The inside remains untouched. I wouldn’t ever use it as a garden shed because I have black thumb syndrome.

One Room Challenge Week 1 Choosing Our Next Project and the Game Plan- Simplicity in the South

I wondered why the shed sat awkwardly at the side of the house close to the front porch until I got some history from a neighbor. He told us that the house used to be owned by the town’s loan officer. He would give out personal loans and used this building as his office.

Design Inspiration for the Cottage Shed

The vibe I’m going for is modern farmhouse meets cozy bohemian cottage. It’ll have a mix of vintage, modern, black, whites and creams. Wood elements will be mixed with some metal. The only request my stepdaughter, Juli, had was that I add some blue which I’ll do with fabrics and the dresser.

Modern Farmhouse via Southern Hospitality

via Southern Hospitality

Tiny House with shiplap and planked wood ceiling via Tiny House Swoon

via Tiny House Swoon

The ulitmate she shed via Ella Claire Inspired

via Ella Claire Inspired

This San Francisco home is a lesson in neutrals. Just wait until you see the stylish layering. Via My Domaine

via My Domaine

Cottage guest house via Jenny Wolf Interiors

via Jenny Wolf Interiors

Dresser via Miss Mustard Seed

via Miss Mustard Seed

Modern farmhouse meets bohemian cottage The guest shed mood board- Week 1 One Room Challenge

Dresser Inspiration // Similar Black + White Art // Wooden Hanging Plant Holder // Wood Slice Coffee Table // Blue Medallion Quilt

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The cottage guest shed floorplans

To keep the room bright, we’ll put white shiplap on the walls and ceiling. The floors will be covered with either wood-look vinyl planks or tile. A seating area for eating will be placed below the window.

Part of the One Room Challenge, a garden shed is turned into a guest cottage shed with a modern farmhouse meets cozy cottage vibe

Tall cabinets will flank a built-in trundle bed. The cabinet on the left side of the bed will house a kitchenette with a refrigerator, coffee bar, and sink.

Part of the One Room Challenge, a garden shed is turned into a guest cottage shed with a modern farmhouse meets cozy cottage vibe

The cabinet on the other side will be for Juli’s clothes.Part of the One Room Challenge, a garden shed is turned into a guest cottage shed with a modern farmhouse meets cozy cottage vibe

Before we can do all of the things that make the room functional and pretty, we have a list of projects that must come first such as:

  • Replace the leaky roof
  • Replace some walls that have been water damaged
  • Remove the single pane windows and switch to more energy-efficient double pane windows
  • Close the back wall once the window is taken out
  • Add more electrical outlets
  • Add insulation

This should all add up to a lot of fun! I may or may not have added a sarcastic tone to that last sentence.

And if time allows, we’ll improve the landscaping, replace the steps with a small porch, add some exterior lighting, and a window box.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed we can get it all done in 6 weeks since we’ll be doing all the work ourselves. Wish us luck!


If you aren’t already familiar with Hometalk, check them out here. We’ll be doing a time-lapse video for them of the whole renovation process that we’ll share on reveal day.

Thanks so much for following along! Please follow us on Instagram so you can catch some sneak peeks of the cottage shed renovation. 


If you love small spaces and built-ins, then you’ll love seeing how we added a built-in bed and dressers using stock kitchen cabinets in my oldest son’s bedroom.

How to make a built in bed using stock kitchen cabinets

Day 1 One Room Challenge The Cottage Shed Guest Room

Pin this idea for later!

One Room Challenge Modern Farmhouse Meets Cozy Bohemian Cottage- Guest Cottage Shed


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  1. It is looking great! Did you have to get permits for this?

    Blessings ?

    1. Thanks, Yohanna! Our county doesn’t require a permit on pre-existing structures as long we don’t change the footprint or foundation of the structure nor the electrical panel service previously installed.

    1. I love small spaces too! Even though they’re more difficult to design, they really make you use your creativity.

    1. Thanks so much, Debi! We’re gonna need all the good luck we can get. It’ll certainly be a challenge but it should be worth it.

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