DIY industrial bar or countertop brackets

How to Make Industrial Bar or Counter Brackets From Steel Pipe

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I’m beginning to realize that our cottage guest shed project is becoming a compilation of Pinterest projects I’ve been wanting to try. It’s been really fun trying out ideas I’ve had saved forever, such as the industrial bar brackets that we used for the live edge bar we built this week. I originally saw similar brackets on Liz Marie Blog.
I think every room should have a mix of masculine and feminine elements and these industrial bar brackets add the perfect touch of masculinity to this white and light-filled room.
Let me show you how easy it is to make them.
If you’d rather buy the brackets pre-made and already painted, you can find them here

How to make an industrial bar bracket

You’ll need to buy the following 1/2″ black steel plumbing parts for each bracket:


(2) Flanges

(2) 2″ pipe

(2) 45-degree elbows

(1) 5″ steel pipe *

*You’ll need a longer pipe for a deeper bar. Although the depth of our bar is 14″, it only sticks out 11-1/2″ from the wall since it rests on the window ledge. The center of the flange needs to fit towards the front of the countertop. The center of our flange sticks out about 7″ from the wall.

I found the flanges online at about half the price as what they sell for in the local home improvement store. And they’re slightly larger than the ones found locally too.

Once you have all your parts, the rest is a piece of cake. Just put them together, give them a couple coats of spray paint, and mount them to a stud if possible. I used Rustoleum Paint-and-Primer-In-One in Flat Soft Iron. 

We still need to add the window trim and I’m waiting on the barstools to come in. Otherwise, the cottage shed project is moving forward on it’s expected timeline.
If you like the industrial style, check out these curtain rods made from plumbing pipes. It’s one of my most popular projects.
galvanized curtain rods from hardware store parts

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