FAQs: Custom Hair Appliance Drawer Organizers

Your organizer will be shipped 2-3 weeks after you approve the design sketch. We ship with UPS from our studio in the upstate of South Carolina. We can expedite your order for an extra charge.

Since each organizer we build is custom-made by hand, we price them according to the drawer dimensions, the number of metal canisters needed, and the complexity of the design. Once you submit the form to fill out your drawer measurements, we’ll review the details and respond within 24 hours. If you don’t hear back, please call us at 864-580-6115 or through our shop’s contact form. Sometimes the email notification doesn’t go through, but we can look up your form from our website.

If you’ve requested a quote, we’ll email you the quote and a link to purchase your organizer through our secure website. Quotes expire after 30 days.

The diagram below shows the inside drawer dimensions that we’ll need. If you have an outlet installed on the back panel of your drawer, we’ll also need to know where it’s located. Since we build your organizer according to the hair tools you’ll store, our measurements form will ask for the length of your longest curling/flat iron, including the part of the rigid cord.

For the hair tools to be sitting in holders upright (our Julianne-style), your drawer needs to have at least 14″ clearance in height for a 13″ long curling iron*.

*The total length of the curling iron should include the part of the rigid cord at the end of the handle. 

The organizer will be made at an angle like the Hayden for shallow drawers (ideal drawer height is at least 9″). The hairdryer may have to sit at a tilt for shallow drawers.

To see our gallery of organizers built for tall and shallow drawers, click this link.

Question: “Hi, I am getting a bathroom vanity made in which I want to install your bathroom drawer organizer for hair tools similar to the 1st picture with the blue drawer that has the curling irons sitting straight up in the metal cups. What should this drawer’s depth, width, and height be? Since I am ordering a custom vanity, I can get this right.”

Answer: The best measurements to get the Julianne style organizer, which gives you more storage space and allows the hair tools to stand upright, are:

Drawer Clearance Height (from the bottom of the drawer to the edge of the face frame): Add 1 inch to the length of your longest hair tool, including the rigid part of the wire that might hit when you close the drawer. For example, your drawer needs to have at least 15″ of clearance height for a 14″ long curling iron.

Width: 15” which allows for the hairdryer holder plus a large, a medium, and a small curling iron holders. The formula we use to figure the perfect inside drawer width according to the metal tool holders you’d like is: (holder sizes + the number of holders). The holder sizes are below in the question “What is included?”.

Depth (front to back): Between 16-19”. The most common depth is 16-3/4″ if a Docking Drawer outlet is installed inside or behind the drawer. The section that stores your cords will take up an additional 3.5” of depth towards the back of the organizer. The section that holds the chrome holders is about 4”.

If you have a drawer size in mind, we may have a picture of an organizer we’ve done in a similar size and style that’ll give you an idea of how much room you’ll have in the cubbies in our gallery.

To have all of the tool holders fit straight across the width of the drawer, we use the following formula: (holder sizes + the number of holders) should be equal to or less than the drawer width. The holder sizes are in the question, “What is included?”. Sometimes we can stagger the holders if your drawer isn’t wide enough to fit them straight across. If you’d like your hairdryer to sit straight down in a holder in a shallow drawer, add 1.75″ to the needed width.

Most drawers need an inside width of 10″ and an inside clearance height of 9″ to fit a hairdryer. Sometimes we can still make it work depending on your drawer dimensions and the hair tools you hope to store. By sending us the details of your drawer, we can consider everything. We’ve introduced the Keira, a slide-out organizer which can fit under the sink or in most cabinets.


This is a Docking Drawer® outlet which prevents cord strain. It’s either hardwired or plugged into an outlet in the cabinet. The Blade Outlets have an interlocking thermostat that de-energizes the outlet when it senses you’ve left a curling iron unattended. For additional peace of mind, you can add their Safety Interlock Box, which shuts off power when the drawer is closed. Depending on your chosen outlet, you’ll need at least 2″ clearance behind the drawer.


About 40% of our customers will use a power strip. A hole is drilled in the back of the drawer so the cord can reach an outlet installed behind the drawer or adjacent cabinet. The power strip must be heavy-duty to handle the wattage of the hair dryer and curling irons being used simultaneously, or you risk damaging your hair appliances or causing a fire. The plugs should run parallel (like pictured) to the power strip to fit in the section we make to store it.

All hair tool organizers come with your choice of open-bottomed chrome hairdryer holder and crimped-bottomed chrome hot tool holders. You can specify which holders you need in the measurements form.

The choices of holders are:

  • 2-13/16″ Standard Hairdryer Holder
  • 4-1/4″ XXL Dryer Brush Holder (fits the Revlon One Step)
  • 3-1/2″ XL Hairdryer or Dryer Brush Holder (fits the Dyson Supersonic)
  • 2-3/4″ LARGE holder for wide flat irons
  • 2″ MEDIUM holder for flat irons or curling irons
  • 1-3/4″ SMALL holder for curling irons
  • 1-1/2″ XS holder for hair brushes

The cubby sizes and configurations will vary according to your drawer size. We leave enough room for the Julianne organizers to hold standard hair spray bottles upright. Let us know in the measurements form if you need a certain-sized cubby.

Your organizer will be constructed from cabinet-grade birch plywood that is formaldehyde-free and soy-based. The top edges are banded to give the wood a seamless appearance. We can build your organizer out of maple or walnut at an additional charge and with an extra lead time.

Birch and maple organizers are sealed with three coats of non-toxic, high-performance clear satin poly for durability. We seal walnut organizers with a clear satin high-performance oil urethane.

Our chrome holders are sourced from a hair salon supply company and are made for commercial use. The holders for the tools that are hot to the touch have crimped bottoms. The section that holds your cords is separated from the section that holds your hot appliances. This way, the heat cannot come in direct contact with the cords, your drawer base, or your organizer.

Tip: If you’re in the planning stages for your grooming station, we recommend having your electrician install a Docking Drawer® outlet. Some models have a thermal shutoff in case an appliance is left on. For additional peace of mind, you can add their Safety Interlock Box, which shuts off power when the drawer is closed.

Please turn off your hair appliances before leaving them unattended for safety reasons.

Your organizer will be made approximately 1/8″ to 1/4″ smaller than the inside dimensions of your drawer so it slides in easily, so it’s important to measure twice. Since each organizer is custom-made to fit your drawer, we do not refund if given the wrong measurements. We will work with you to replace your organizer at a discounted price if you realize your measurements were inaccurate. If we make a mistake and the drawer organizer doesn’t fit, contact us, and we will make it right at no charge to you.

Yes, every package shipped is insured. If your organizer arrives damaged, contact us ASAP by calling 864-580-6115 or by email at shop@simplicityinthesouth.com. This information will also be at the bottom of your invoice. Please save the box, bubble wrap, shipping paper, foam, etc., for pictures. We will file the claim for you once we receive the pictures and any other information the shipping insurance company requests. We’ll also begin rebuilding your organizer ASAP.