Hello and welcome to Simplicity in the South! I’m Tricia and I’m so glad you found your way here.

Simplicity in the South is my little place to share my DIY projects, organization tips, craft tutorials, painting techniques, and simple ideas to give your home character…all on a budget.

I’m a mom to 3 boys, a step-daughter, and the wife to a tall bearded man who won me over with his heart of gold and sense of humor.

Shiplap gives you the casual, farmhouse look that so many of us are after and can be done easily and for very little money. This tutorial shows you how to get the shiplap-look for less.

Even as a little girl, I was passionate about decorating. In fact, when I was sent to my room for getting in trouble, it was hardly punishment. I would spend my time rearranging my furniture or decorating my dollhouse.

Our family moved several times while I was growing up. My favorite homes were the ones built around the 1920s. I loved the hardwood floors, wainscoting, tall moldings and all the other details that newer homes don’t have.

When I bought my first home, a typical 1980’s ranch-style home, it was hardly the 1920’s craftsman cottage that I had dreamed of. But that did not hold me back from turning my dream into a reality with the help of a little DIY know-how, a few power tools and a lot of determination.

Little by little, I found ways to add vintage charm to our basic-builder’s ranch by learning from other bloggers how to do the work myself.

It all started with putting up wainscoting in the guest bathroom with just a hand saw, miter box, and a hammer. That quickly got the ball rolling into one project after another.

Pretty soon, I was changing out light fixtures, tiling floors, painting every wall and molding in sight, and even building my own furniture. That house sold after being on the market for a week.

Board and batten hallway with gallery shelves

Board & Batten on a Budget Hallway Makeover

I met my husband, Jason, 9 months after moving in my current home, a 100-year-old bungalow. We were sitting on the porch swing one night talking about how I wanted to get my oldest son’s bedroom finished before he came home from college.

Jason held my hand and said, “Even if you decide a month from now that you don’t like me anymore, I want to help you finish Taylor’s room”.

And that was the beginning of many more projects would work on together.

The first room we completed ended up in This Old House magazine!

Built-in bed using stock kitchen cabinets

Spring home tour 2017- plant shelf and flowers

Spring Home Tour

A bedroom is turned into a modern farmhouse style master bathroom on a budget

Master Bathroom Reveal: Turning a bedroom into a bathroom

Why did you name the blog Simplicity in the South?

Deciding on a name began as a process of elimination. All the names I had originally picked out were taken. But after settling with Simplicity in the South, it hit me a couple days later that it actually had a more personal connection than I realized.

I’ve lived in several states and have always come back to my roots in South Carolina. The “simplicity” part reminded me of a book I’ve kept on my coffee table that gives tips on how to simplify your life and home called The Simplicity Reader by Elaine St. James.

The main focus of my blog is finding ways to take your existing home and making it work for you and your family so you will learn to love where you live. That, in itself, simplifies life. But it also applies to how I view life in general…keep. it. simple.

Why did you first get into blogging?

I knew that starting a blog would be the perfect way to share my passion for DIY and hopefully help others who are looking for inspiration or have questions about home improvement. I’m not an expert, but I consider myself a “research girl”.  If I don’t know an answer, I’ll Google it for you in a heartbeat.

Six months before I started Simplicity in the South, I began researching how to start a blog, taking notes about what I loved most about the blogs I followed and made a Pinterest board on blogging tips and time management. I’m still working on the time management.

One day (8-12-12 to be exact), I told myself, heck, I’ll take my chances, give blogging an honest try and it has been a bumpy but rewarding journey so far.

I’m a respiratory therapist by trade, which I love, but I also have a very right-brained/creative side that my full-time job doesn’t let me use very often. The best way I’ve found to express my creativity has been through DIY projects and decorating. I also enjoy helping and teaching people.

Because of this blog and you, I’ve found a great way to share what I am passionate about. I hope that while you’re here, you’ll find something that inspires you!

I feel so honored to be featured or mentioned on these websites, blogs and in the press!

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So pour yourself a glass of sweet tea (or even a glass of wine) and check out our most popular projects!

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