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Hall closet organization ideas from Simplicity In The South

One of my resolutions for 2013 is to have my hallway project complete. Later, I’ll share the details. But for now, I will give you a hint and tell you that I will be busy putting up wainscoting. I can hardly wait to see the end result!

Part of my plans to makeover the hallway will be tackling the disorganized mess that lurks behind the hallway closet doors.

We have four closets in our hallway, but the closet that sits outside the boys’ bathroom is the one we use most often.

It was time to give it a well-deserved freshening up and organization re-haul. The tackle box first aid kit just wasn’t cutting it.

This closet needed to have three functions:

1. Storage for all of our vitamins and medications.

2. A central place for phone numbers for medical emergencies along with a first aid kit.

3. A place to stash all the bathroom necessities that I buy on sale and save for later use.

I loved how Ask Anna reorganized her linen closet. I lucked up and found some of the same storage containers she used at the dollar store.

Then, I  reused some white storage boxes that I bought from Ikea seven years ago. Next, the inside of the closet was brightened up by giving the door a coat of white paint.

By the time I finished painting the door, I couldn’t bear the thought of painting anything else. So, instead of painting the shelves I recovered them with contact paper from the dollar store.

My husband installed a lock on the door. You can never be too careful with kiddos in the house.

Hall closet organization before and after pictures

My favorite things are the fabric covered cork board and clipboard that I made from fabric I had left over from another project. I keep the phone numbers for the doctors’ offices and medical emergencies on the cork board. The clipboard holds any paperwork that needs to taken to the boys’ next visit.

Hall closet organization.

Before, it was semi-organized, but now everything has its place!

If you are on Pinterest and need some ideas to get your home in order, I’d love for you to follow my organization idea board here!


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  1. Hi Tricia – Mine got about half way there and your closet is exactly what is in my head. Reality will take a little longer! Hugs, Holly

    1. Hi Holly! It always takes me 2-3 times longer than I imagine to get things in order these days. I’m working on my craft closet today and I’m wondering what in the world did I get myself into! Glad you like my hall closet. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Tricia, New to your blog and I’m so happy to have found you! Could you please let me know how you covered a cork/bulletin board with fabric?


    1. Hi Kim! I really should do a tutorial. It’s on my to do list. I will email you right now and give you a quick tutorial.

    1. Wonderful! I’ll have a post on our other hall closet tomorrow. It’ll be for our linen closet that I’ve been meaning to tackle for 3 years.

  3. Beautiful closet! We have one hall closet and it is referred to as “The Closet” because it holds everything…ironing board, vacuum cleaner, table linens, cleaning supplies, homeschool materials for our 4 older children, and more! It’s not even that big, but it is messy. Every time I open the doors I wince, but with six kids from newborn to teen I just haven’t yet made to time to empty it out and really organize it-for the third time. Maybe if it was as good looking as yours…

  4. I’ve recently decluttered all of my closets. They aren’t beautiful like yours but at least I can find what I’m looking for now. 🙂 Found you through Bloggy Moms.

  5. Hey Tricia! Your closet looks awesome! You did a great job, I am still working on all of my organiazing projects for this year. I may need your help:). Have a great week,Jen

  6. Nothing like having everything in it’s place, and looking cute too! Love the shelf liner. I’ve got that on the cabinet backs in my kitchen. For now. {wink} Super project. Makes me want to fluff my hall cabinet!!

  7. This looks fantastic! I love the green shelf liners, too – nice touch 🙂 The hubs and I just completed our coat closet organization. It’s amazing how much better it feels when things are neat and tidy! 🙂
    I found you on Cedar Hill Ranch!

    1. Hi Kathy! I bought the white boxes from Ikea several years ago, so they may not have them in stock anymore.

      1. Thanks Tricia,
        Ikea still has something similar that I’ll have to check out next time I get to Charlotte or Atlanta. I also have a couple that were cosmetics’ promotions, silk covered, but I can recover with white burlap to match my other storage. The main thing that makes closets, shelves, etc. look good is matching containers, something I’m sure the manufacturers know, or they would never change their colors so frequently!


  8. very nice! the paint and shelf covering make huge difference. Cheerful, practical and organized. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi there, I loved your revamp. I always struggle with organization even tho in my mind i AM organized. LOL

    I love the paper you put on the shelves. Can you share where you bought it? Thanks very much. I love your blog. BTW, the blog on the galvanized curtain rods was great. Am planning on using it in my offce redo.

    1. Thank you, Vicki! I’m glad to hear that you’ll be using the galvanized curtain rods! I got the contact paper from the Dollar Tree, but I also saw it at Walmart. I am also more organized in my mind than I am in real life! Lol!

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