Wisteria Catalog Inspired Chalkboard Place Cards

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So, I was all gung-ho about starting my Organization Revolution project in the kitchen this week. I got to the very end where I needed to print my labels and my plan came to a screeching halt. As luck would have it, my printer stopped working.

Organization-for-under-my-kitchen-sink…mission accomplished. Blog post with pretty pictures…mission failed.

move on to plan B
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Instead, I’m moving on to plan B and sharing a tutorial I did as a guest for Traci at Beneath My Heart.

I love faux finishes, so when I saw the Wisteria Catalog’s iron plaques, I knew I could figure out a way to make the same chalkboard contact paper that I had on hand to resemble the look of iron.

Wisteria Iron Plaques

Wisteria’s iron plaques sell for $19.00 for a set of six, but with a few supplies you can make your own for about $0.30 a piece.

So what’s the secret behind making chalkboard contact paper look like iron?

Well, did you know that you can sand and faux finish contact paper? Neither did I until I did a little bit of experimentation!


Supplies for making chalkboard place cards:

1. Chalkboard Contact Paper (affiliate link)

2. Heavy card stock paper

3. Fine grit #320 sandpaper

4. White latex paint

5. Template for the place card (found below)

5. Other supplies such as scissors, a paint brush, paper towels and chalk.

The How-to:

Cut the contact paper slightly larger than the card stock. Laminate the card stock with the contact paper and smooth the wrinkles out with a credit card.

Sand the contact paper on the front and back with the #320 sand paper till the sheen is gone.

Apply a whitewash solution of white latex paint. The ratio of paint to water is about 1:4. (Leave about a inch unpainted on the sides so the paint doesn’t seep to the other side.)

As soon as you apply the paint, wipe it off with a dry paper towel. Allow this to dry for about a minute and repeat on the other side.

Print this template out as a 3.5 x 5″ photo. {Right click the photo below and then click on “save image as”.}

chalk board plaque template

You will be able to trace this shape five times onto the contact paper. Once you cut it out, measure one inch from the bottom and fold to make a stand.

I love how versatile they are!

To get you inspired, here’s a few ways that I’ve used them.

They are perfect for a buffet table. I’m making some for our family reunion.

Wisteria catalog inspired chalkboard placecards tutorial

Wisteria inspired chalkboard place cards tutorial

Here’s one that I used for my mom’s gift from the boys.

And of course, you can use them for place cards for dinner parties and wedding receptions!

{Here’s a little tip: place a pebble behind it to keep it upright since they are so lightweight.}

And I love this idea from Angie of The Country Chic Cottage. These wedding reception table number tags on mason jars are adorable!

via Country Chic Cottage
via Country Chic Cottage

Hope to see you next week as I move on to tackling the hall closet! Wish me luck!

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  1. my son is graduating college as a teacher and I am decorating his party with teaching decorations and I would love to have placemats that looked like chalkboards Is there anyway you could tell me how to make them? I have Abraham Lincoln coming. Susan Luckey

    1. You could trying using poster board and the same chalk board contact paper that I used in this tutorial. Cut your placemat shape from the poster board. Then, sandwich the board with the chalk board contact paper. Trim the edges when you’re done. I would practice first by experimenting with contact paper from the dollar store to make sure it will still lie flat.

  2. Wonderful idea…you have inspired me. I have 2 metal book ends that are much the same shape. Gonna grab the chalkboard paint and go at it!!! Thanks you! 🙂

  3. Your blog is just lovely! I love all of your talent-and amazingly enough I was at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby looking for a way to make my own chalkboard!! Thank you! New Follower

  4. i am just beginning to read your blog and i love your style. have you posted anywhere the paint colors you have used on your walls? Also, sources for some of the things in your home (i.e. living room rug) Thanks. I am looking foreward to reading everything.

    1. Hi, Connie! Welcome to the blog! I don’t have a source list or a list of paint colors, but that is a wonderful idea! I’ll have to add that to my home tour page as soon as I get the chance. The rug in my living room came from either Lowes or Home Depot. It was 2.5 years ago, so I’m having a hard time remembering which store it was.

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