20 Inspiring Laundry Rooms

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Have you ever had a question about home repair or been stuck with a decorating dilemma? Are you clueless when it comes to gardening like me? Have you ever wanted to share pictures of your projects even if you don’t have a blog?

A year ago, I was introduced to Hometalk through a blog post and it’s been such an awesome place to gather inspiration from other bloggers and non-bloggers alike. If you see a project that you love, just save it to your clipboard.

It’s also the place to go when you just want to ask a home repair question like, “So what’s the best way to remove the stuffed animal that’s clogging up my toilet?”

Yes, it could and it has happened.

As much as I detest doing the laundry, I fall head over heels for a lovely laundry room especially when it has some great organization ideas to boot.

Just for you, I’ve rounded up 20 of my favorite laundry rooms from Hometalk that might just make laundry day feel less like a chore.

Just click on the picture below and prepare yourself to be inspired by some organized and lovely laundry rooms. 

20 inspiring laundry rooms

While you’re there, you can check out the new photos I added of my laundry room. Just look for this picture or click on this link to see all the details.

Laundry Room organization with baskets

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This Post Has 10 Comments

  1. Thanks for the inspiration! Our laundry room is on my ever growing to-do list. (I’ve been trying to decide on a design.)

    1. You’re welcome! I hope you were able to grab some ideas from the round-up!

  2. I’m in love with a laundry room! I just love everything from the colors to the baskets!

  3. Tricia, Thanks for including my laundry room among such great rooms! I love being part of the Hometalk community!

    1. You’re welcome, Cristina! I absolutely love your blog and all the projects you’ve done, including your lovely laundry room!

  4. Looks like a fabulous collection Tricia, I will definitely be checking it out today! Thanks for including ours. Yours is absolutely adorable by the way – love your storage ideas and the curtain hiding your upper storage… can’t wait to see more:)

    1. You’re quite welcome! Your laundry room is awesome so I was more than happy to share it!

  5. Perfect timing! We’re moving into our new house in June and will be creating a new laundry room/mud room out of space we are stealing from a formal dining room. I see lots of ideas in these photos! 🙂

    1. I would love to have a mud room but we don’t have room for one. Right now, we just have hooks and a place to put shoes. I like your idea of stealing space from the formal dining room. Hmmm…that’s got me thinking. Good luck on your move to your new home!

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