Organizing My Craft Closet: Part One (small home/ BIG IDEAS series)

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Wrapping paper and fabric storage- craft closet organization ideasIn my last post, I shared some of my favorite craft closet organization ideas. Those ideas were just the thing I needed to motivate me to reorganize my own craft closet this past week. It feels like a huge accomplishment!

Trust me, my closet had been seriously neglected this past year and needed a lot of love and attention. A couple years ago, I changed our hallway coat closet into a combined craft closet and storage for our floor cleaners. This worked for a little while, but it wasn’t long before things seemed to multiply and replicate themselves. The vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner needed to find a new home and I needed to get serious about getting this space organized.

Ready to see the lovely before?

Before- craft closet Seriously, folks, if I had tried to stage the before picture this would be overachieving.

My biggest frustration with this closet was that I only had enough room to store half of my fabric and gift wrapping supplies. The other half was stored in baskets in my family room. I wanted to keep it all together in one convenient spot and make it easy to find something when I needed it. Makes more sense, right?

When I found out about Rubbermaid’s NEW All Access™ Organizers, I knew they’d be the perfect solution for storing my fabric and gift wrapping supplies. I headed to my local Home Depot with closet measurements in hand and picked up a couple of large bins.

Instagram photo- Rubbermaid All Access Organizers

My closet is rather narrow (only 29″ wide), but the bins fit right in with room to spare.

Rubbermaid-All-Access-Organizers-Closet-Organization.Craft closet organization tips: Part of the small home, big ideas series, find out how to organize your craft supplies

The All Access™ Organizers have this neat clear drop-down door so you can easily see and retrieve the items you want, even when the organizers are stacked. Genius! So, instead of digging through my basket full of gift bags, I can open the door and grab what I need. The large bin is the perfect size for all my gift bags, tissue paper, and Christmas cards. Of course, I could still access stuff from the top if I wanted to, but what fun with that be when I have these handy doors?

Rubbermaid All Access Organizers for gift bag storage.Craft closet organization tips: Part of the small home, big ideas series, find out how to organize your craft supplies

And the clear doors make it so much easier to see all my fabric at once. Since it’s in clear-view, I’m more likely to keep my pile of fabric nice and neat.

Fabric storage with Rubbermaid's All Access Organizers.Craft closet organization tips: Part of the small home, big ideas series, find out how to organize your craft supplies

Now that I have the All Access™ Organizers stacked in my closet, I have a little room left over to keep rolls of ribbon, gift wrap and contact paper beside the bins. Everything in one place…problem solved!

Use dowel rods and curtain rod brackets for wrapping supplies. Craft closet organization tips: Part of the small home, big ideas series, find out how to organize your craft supplies

A little easier on the eyes, don’t you think?

Craft closet makeover and organization. Craft closet organization tips: Part of the small home, big ideas series, find out how to organize your craft supplies

Craft closet makeover with Rubbermaid All Access Organizers

The wheels have started turning on all the other places I could use these bins…the laundry room, the boy’s closets for their out-of-season clothes, our linen closet, the family room for toy and game storage. Tell me which room or closet you could really use them. I’d love to hear your ideas! For more ideas, you can follow Home Depot on Facebook here and Rubbermaid on Facebook here.

I can’t wait to share the rest of my craft closet organization project with you! Part two will be up tomorrow, so I hope you come back to see more ideas and tips.

Click here to see Part 2 of my Craft Closet Organization Tips and Ideas

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  1. I am so impressed with those bins – aren’t you lucky to have found them! Such a simple solution to have that clear, drop-down door but it makes the world of difference to being able to access what’s in them. Very organised craft cupboard now! I’m down the other end of the planet so can’t access the wonderful shops you have “up there”! :-/

  2. This looks awesome!!! I’ve been wanting to organize all my crafting stuff, but since we are in an apt it makes it super difficult to find the space to do so. For now I have boxes of scrapbooking supplies a corner of my closet for wrapping supplies and a whole dresser dedicated to other crafting items. Your organization ideas are great and the closet looks sparkling!!

  3. ok, these are the coolest things ive ever seen. i had a “why the heck didnt i thinkmof this??” moment,

    and your stripes…gorg!! love them!

    1. That thought crossed my mind too! We could have been millionaires. Glad you like the stripes! I was determined to have them somewhere in my house.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I think the wrapping paper holder is my favorite part, too. I’ve been wanting to do something like that for a long time. I just had to make room for it.

  4. LOVE these organizers from Rubbermaid. Definitely need to get some. Closet looks great!

  5. Another lovely makeover Tricia! I love those new access organizers, and especially the pretty blue color 🙂

    BTW, all the Upstate bloggers need to get together for lunch or something soon!

    1. It won’t be long till school starts back so it will be a good time for all of us to meet for lunch! I’m glad they had these bins in turquoise. It’s my favorite color!

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