mood board for a cozy minimalist guest bedroom using a color palette of black, white, green, and warm wood tones. Texture is added with plants, velvet pillow shams, the throw blanket, a rug, and baskets.

Guest Bedroom Makeover Design Plans + Mood Board

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Our guest bedroom makeover has been long overdue, but I’m happy to say I get to share some of the design ideas I’ve planned for it!

This room was once my youngest son’s bedroom when we first moved in. Of course, he didn’t want me to change a single thing. He was perfectly content with the light blue walls and baseball-themed wallpaper border. 

So, as any good mother would do, I was patient and resisted the urge to peel off the wallpaper border while he was at school. 

Here’s how the room looked when we viewed it for the first time. 

guest bedroom before picture 2

And here’s a photo on move-in day. My middle and youngest sons are 5 years apart and were at the age where they wanted their very own bedroom. They shared a 100 square foot room at our former house. 

guest bedroom before picture

It was perfectly fine for a pre-teen young man at the time, but then we had some life changes. 

Our original plans were to use the shed we converted to a tiny house for our guests. But when my step-daughter Juli stayed her first night, she quickly claimed it as her own.

I don’t blame her. It’s a beautiful and cozy space with all the necessities to make it feel like she has a space to call her own.

When my oldest son, Taylor, graduated from Clemson, he was offered a full ride to the University of Chicago for his doctorate. Yay! 

Sadly, that meant that he’d only be able to stay with us a few times a year. After that, my youngest son moved into Taylor’s dormer bedroom.  

So, that leaves us with a bedroom perfectly fit to be used as a guest bedroom. The quirky thing about this room is that it’s the pass-through to the upstairs bathroom. We’ll fix that eventually by changing the entrance from the hallway.

My plans for the new guest room is to offer our friends and family a warm and cozy bedroom with lots of texture and a simple nature-inspired color palette. 


The inspiration starting point for our guest bedroom redesign was from Restoring Home’s bedroom on Instagram. I love the contrast of the black shiplap wall against the crisp, white linens. She added texture with the tassel throw blanket and rug. There’s also the subtle mix of traditional design with the mid-century modern furniture. 

bedroom design idea with black shiplap wall from Restoring Home on Instagramvia Restoring Home on Instagram

It just so happens, a couple of weeks before I was planning our guest room redesign, I was driving by Habitat for Humanity. Something told me I needed to pull over and browse the store.

As soon as I walked in, I saw this dresser and I loved the simple clean lines and the warmth of the wood. It didn’t hurt that it had a price tag of $70.

George Nelson for Herman Miller 4 drawer chestWhen I looked in the drawer, I could tell it was a special piece because it said it was designed by George Nelson for Herman Miller.

mid century modern dresser George Nelson for Herman Miller

Looking it up online, I realize that restored it would be worth at least $2000 so I didn’t even ask the guys for a discount. I just went ahead and paid the asking price. Sold!

George Nelson for Herman Miller dresser on Charishvia Charish

So, one of the projects I still need to complete is to get rid of some of the watermarks. I’ll test a couple of products out and share the results with all of you. I’ll also have to figure out what to do about the hardware that’s tarnished beyond repair. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can make it look better with a little TLC.

Mood Board:

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The design ideas of the guest bedroom revolve around the inspiration picture and the dresser. This is mood board what I’ve come up with. 

Cozy minimalist bedroom mood board with a combination of black, white, green, and wood tones. There are layers of texture with the global throw blanket, Moroccan print rug, velvet pillow shams, and baskets.

minimalist mountains print | throw blanketwhite duvet cover set | basket | black & white pillows| plant | green shams | rug | similar bench | set of original Herman Miller dressers (more affordable option) | similar ladder  

Shop the Look

The color palette is a mix of the black shiplap wall done in Noir by Valspar, with the warmth of wood in the dresser and bench, and a touch of olive green in the shams, artwork and side chair. This is one of my favorite color combinations, especially when paired with crisp white. 

How we’ll make it budget-friendly:

Other than a great deal I got on the dresser, we’ll be DIY’ing some of the other elements in the room to keep the makeover around $300. 

We’re making our own light fixtures, a wood and metal bench at the end of the bed, and a desk inspired by the one from this DIY desk from Remodelaholic.

The desk will balance out the dresser on the other side of the bed and give the room some additional functionality.

I already have a similar chair to the one in the mood board that I found on Facebook Marketplace that I’ll paint olive green to match the shams. 

We’ll also make our own nature-inspired artwork above the bed. 

Functions of our guest room:

It wouldn’t make sense for this room to only serve as a guest room since we don’t have family staying every week so it’ll also have other uses.

Since we’re adding a desk, I can use the room as an office space. I’ll add an Ikea file cabinet to the closet that’ll repaint to match the rest of the room. 

Our guest room will also be where I keep all of my workout equipment. I have an antique post office box that I’ll use as storage for my hand weights. The bench at the end of the bed will also serve as a weight bench. 

I will be updating you every step of the way while I makeover our guest room. I can’t wait to share how the design plans come to reality!

Click here to see the reveal of our guest bedroom makeover 


mood board for a cozy minimalist guest bedroom using a color palette of black, white, green, and warm wood tones. Texture is added with plants, velvet pillow shams, the throw blanket, a rug, and baskets.

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  1. Do you have a link for the comforter or something similar? This space is very similar to what I’ve been envisioning for my much smaller guest room. Finding a white comforter at a good price that doesn’t just look like a duvet filler has me stumped.

    1. Hi Lindsay,
      Hopefully, I can help you out. I put the links below. My parents loved our duvet cover and comforter insert so much that I ended up buying them a set for Christmas. Also, my brother had me send him the links to everything that made our guest bed “so luxurious”. Lol! The duvet cover is super soft and seems thin when you first get it but it has held up well through several washings. I have the same brand of comforter insert on 3 beds since it’s fluffy but can still be used in the spring and summer. Thanks for stopping by!
      3-piece cotton duvet cover set with ties
      duvet insert comforter

  2. Love your mood board! Such a serene space! Can’t wait to see it come to life!

  3. Wow, how exciting about finding that dresser. It’s going to be beautiful! And I love what you’ve picked out, can’t wait to see it once it’s finished.

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