Repurposed Vintage Tart Tin Molds Garland: A Simple Fall Craft Project Idea

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When I found a set of vintage mini tin tart molds in a thrift store, I bought them not knowing what I’d end up using them for. I just knew they only had a 10% chance of being used to make tiny tartlets.

Instead of making it to the kitchen, the tins were used to make a simple fall craft project, a garland with printable typewriter keys.

This is the easiest craft project I’ve created in a while. The best thing is, I can take it apart and reuse the tart molds later on.

A simple fall craft project using vintage tart tins and printable typewriter keys.

Supplies for making the garland:

Tart tins (mine are about 2-1/4″ wide at the opening and 1-1/4″ wide at the base).  
Free printable typewriter keys found on Altered Artifacts
White cardstock paper
Jute twine
Glue gun
Masking tape or double-sided sticky tape

Supplies for fall tart tin garland

I hot glued the twine about mid-way on the side of the tin molds and spaced them apart evenly.
Tart tin garland- Fall decorationNext, I enlarged the printable by 40%, cut out the 1″ circles and attached them with masking tape.
Fall garland made from vintage tart tins and printable typewriter letters.Quick and easy, and I can repurpose the tart molds at Christmas time. I’m thinking they’d make adorable ornaments. But if I happen to take up tart-making, I promise I’ll share the recipe with you, too. 🙂 As a mom of 3 boys, I’m more likely to be making cake, cookies or brownies.

Our summer was so mild this year that fall snuck up on me. Have you started any fall decorating projects?

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  1. Hi. I have been checking often. Hope everything is ok.

    1. Thanks for checking on me, Debbie! I’ve been fine and I’m finally back blogging after a long break.

  2. Love! Why cook when you can craft, generally much safer in the long run! for me anyhow! Loving the pressed tin background!

  3. Hey Tricia! So cute girly. Love the garland, and had to laugh at the 10% chance of making tarts. haha. Happy Fall 🙂 Shannon

  4. Love what you did with those adorable tins. I have a few but not enough to do what you did with them. Now I’ll be on the hunt for a few more. I’ve had the ones I have for quite a long time and for some reason never got rid of them. I knew I’d use them someday. Guess the someday has arrived thanks to your adorable banner
    I love to make banners and using the little tins is such a wonderful way to make good use of something. Now I hope I can find them. Saw them not too long ago but we have a lot of places to store things. Appreciate the source for the typewriter keys. I printed them out horizontal on two pages but some were cut off on top and some on bottom. Is there a secret of how to print them? If so please let me know as I’d love to use them on other projects besides this one. I am a “bit” digitally challenged so need explicit how to’s please. Happy weekend

    1. Hi Jane! I’m so glad you’re thinking about making one, too! I had the same problem with some of the letters being cut off but I had the ones that I needed to spell ‘harvest’. I didn’t try printing them in landscape mode which might help. I’m still not very tech savvy, myself! 🙂

  5. Very cute! I’ve been thinking about fall-themed garlands this week, getting ready to craft something of my own.

  6. This is a great idea! so cute. The tins make a wonderful garland.

  7. Oh this is darling! And so simple- I thought you’d punched or drilled holes through the back. Great idea, thanks for sharing!

  8. What a great idea! I see those tins all the time but I have no desire to try to bake with them! What a great re-purpose! I’m pinning this one!

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