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  1. Hey Tricia,

    The projects looks awesome! Love the design. Very inspiring! Would probably love to try something similar with this soon. Sounds fun and interesting. Thanks for sharing this. Great stuff there!


  2. Hi Tricia! Love the collection of projects, just the kind that my wife loves!!!!! I’ve already bookmarked this page so that when she comes home, she can take a look. I’ll have a busy next few weeks with some new projects (which I love to work on). Thanks for putting these together in one spot, awesome 🙂

  3. Great project Tricia! thank you!i am looking for ideas to decorate my new house. and i think i got it. thanks again. keeping update it please!

  4. Great project. It is not easy to make wooden stuffs but when you know how to do, that would be great.

  5. Looks great projects. I am looking for some samples for starting my own stuff. I really love doing making the wooden decoration for my house by myself.

  6. I have been looking for some pictures made out of wood like a mosaic[ but not ] it was a picture of a barn

  7. Punkt robię nigdy nie jest boi się odkrywać
    swoje możliwości , jest dużo więcej informacji tam te dni w porównaniu do lat temu .

    Stan , w połączeniu z innymi narzędziami do
    obróbki drewna jest przedstawiony w wielu pierwsze obrazy .

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