Before and after layout of the master bathroom, walk-in closet and half bath floor plans

So Long, Spare Bedroom…Hello, En Suite Master Bathroom, Walk-in Closet, and Half Bathroom!

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Out of all the remodeling plans we have for our century-old bungalow, the changes we’ll make to the guest bedroom will be the most challenging. This part of the remodeling process will also be the most rewarding.

We’re saying our goodbyes to the guest bedroom next to the master and welcoming a brand new master bathroom, walk-in closet, and half bath!

Update: We’ve finished the modern farmhouse master bathroom and the vintage modern powder room! We’re now moving on to changing the old bathroom into a pantry.

When it’s all done, we’ll be making our downstairs so much more functional. Our home has 5 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. Since we really only need 4 bedrooms, nixing one was a no-brainer.

To make the bathroom and closet remodel plans make sense, here’s the before and after floor plans:

Before and after master bathroom, walk-in closet and half bath floor plans

When the house was built in 1915, it didn’t have indoor plumbing. The downstairs bathroom was probably added onto the back of the house in the 1940s. As you can see in the before floor plan, you have to walk down the hall to get to the bathroom. Not that we plan on moving anytime soon, but it’s hard to sell a home that doesn’t have an en suite bathroom.

Once the old bathroom is gutted, we’ll change it into a much-needed pantry with a small office space. Just doing cosmetic changes to the old bathroom was not an option since the floor underneath the tub and toilet is rotted.

We’ll add a half bath where the entry to the guest bedroom once was. The half-bath will get some vintage touches such as beadboard, vintage light fixtures, and a tin ceiling.

Master bathroom and walk-in closet plans

The gas fireplace has already gotten a makeover and I can’t wait to show you how much of a difference we made with so little money!

When I first moved in, I loved that the master bedroom had 4 closets. The problem is, I’m having to divide my clothes between 2-1/2 closets. The closet to the left of the fireplace will be expanded into a walk-in closet. My new closet will be part industrial and part girly with plenty of shelving to keep me organized.

To the right of the fireplace will be the entrance to the brand new master bathroom. We’ll build a double vanity and add a shower with a glass enclosure.

Since we have the claw foot tub upstairs we don’t feel the need to have a tub in the master bathroom. Between the new recessed light fixtures and all the light from the windows, it’ll be such a happy place to get ready in. I’ve really been drawn to the modern farmhouse style lately and this will be the first place in our home that I can add those elements to.

These salvaged church doors will replace the hollow core doors in the master bedroom

I have “a thing” for old doors. I found the set of salvaged church doors (in the picture above) for $40.00 on Craigslist that will replace the hollow core doors for the closet and bathroom. Jason will repair the rotted wood on one door and I’ll add frosted privacy film to the window panes. I think the old church doors will really add unexpected charm to the fireplace wall.

Speaking of money, let’s talk budget.

Our main goal is to do the entire master bathroom, closet, and half-bath remodel without having to use credit cards. We’ll use cash made from selling items on Craigslist and our yard sale. My parents own a glass business and are giving us the shower enclosure. And we’ve already found some items for the bathrooms at Habitat For Humanity.

The biggest way we’ll save money is by doing all the work ourselves. We’re both pretty handy but Jason has learned how to do a little bit of everything from his father while growing up and also from having his own business the past 20 years. Our max budget is $5000.00 but I’m pretty sure we’ll stay below that if all our DIY projects go as planned.

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen a behind the scenes photograph back in December. We’ve made so much progress since then!

before picture of master bathroom

By the way, I did a mini blog refresh this week. If you check out the homepage, you’ll see it feels more clean and organized. If you see anything missing or have any suggestions just let me know in the comments. Thanks!

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  1. Hi Tricia, could you please share images of the walk-in closet in the main bedroom please. I want to use your layout in our house plans, but I’m struggling to figure out the measurements. I also would like to see how the long walk in looks.

    Looking forward to your response.

    Thanks Dewidine

  2. Hi. I enjoyed reading your blog. We are planning a remodel to our ranch to make a similarly narrow ensuite master bedroom with walk-in closet (minus the 1/2 bath). I’m curious about your measurements for each of the spaces, if you don’t mind sharing.



    1. Hi Bridget,

      I don’t mind at all sharing the dimensions of the rooms. The master bedroom is 11′ x 20’10”. If you include the window seat area between the 2 closets, that adds another 2’6″. The master bathroom is 6′ 10″ x 12’10”. The walk-in closet is 4’6″ x 9’4″. I hope that helps and best of luck with your remodel!


  3. Hi Tricia!
    I had been missing your posts because I love your style and vision:) I’m so glad you are back posting…and I love your new/old house and the changes you and your husband are making.
    I haven’t checked yet…but do you have the original floor plan of the house when you bought it posted on your blog? I love seeing the thought process of making the changes and how they blend…just like you did here for your master…but I would like to see how they are actually situated in the home. Also, LOVE the french doors…and the deal you got. Here in Canada those deals seem few and far between! I guess you just have to be determined and keep checking:)
    Looking forward to the finished bedroom!

    1. Thank you, Wendy! I missed blogging and being able to inspire and keep in touch with my readers. I haven’t posted the original floor plans of the house, but here is a link to the downstairs floor plan. I’ll do the same for the upstairs at a later time. Upstairs, there are 3 bedrooms, 1 full bath, a game room off one of the bedrooms and a wide hallway connecting all the spaces. The way the house is now, when the boys are gone and we become empty nesters (many years from now!), we can shut the doors at the bottom of the stairs to close off the upstairs. The downstairs has everything we need.
      The french doors were a steal! And yes, I kept looking every day for a month and a half until I found them. Then we had to drive an hour away. They needed repair but they turned out to be beautiful. Can’t wait to show you!

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