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What’s better than finding just the right mirror for your bathroom?

I’d say it’s finding just the right mirror that you can make yourself at a fraction of the cost!

When I was searching for the perfect mirror for our modern farmhouse bathroom, I knew I wanted one that had a minimalist design. Specifically, it would be a rectangular mirror with rounded corners and a thin metal frame.

I found several pictures on the internet of “the one”.

bathroom via Lala Webster

Lada Webster

modern farmhouse bathroom via the Decorist


modern farmhouse bathroom mirrors by Restoration Hardware via Jamie Nesbitt Weber Interior Design

 Jamie Nesbitt Weber Interior Design

black and white bathroom with rounded rectangle mirrors via Geddes Ulinskas Architects

Geddes Ulinskas Architects

industrial farmhouse bathroom via Cottonwood Interiors

Cottonwood Interiors

After a little more digging through comments, I found out the rounded rectangle mirror that kept popping up in my search was the Bristol Flat mirror from Restoration Hardware in aged steel.

Love this!!! DIY Knockoff Restoration Hardware Inspired Bristol Flat mirror. This rounded rectangular mirror can be made a just a fraction of the cost of the original! Perfect for a modern farmhouse bathroom

At $562 (or $750 if you’re not a part of the RH member’s program) per 24″ x 30″ mirror, there was no way I could afford 2 mirrors for our budget bathroom remodel.

Even the less expensive option from Amazon was more than we budgeted for.

With a little brainstorming, Jason and I came up with a way to make one that was similar for a lot less.

So without further ado, let me show you how we made our own DIY version of the mirrors.


Supplies you need to make a knockoff aged steel Bristol Flat Mirror from Restoration Hardware:

(Everything you need can be found at a home improvement store but I included affiliate links in case you can’t find some of the items)

We found the mirror at Lowes.

24 x 30 mirror found at Lowes

That’s also where we purchased the aluminum flat bar. They also have a 1-1/2″ inch wide bar if you prefer more of a reveal.

aluminum bars from Lowes



Using the edge of a can, trace the curve with a permanent marker to mark your rounded corners where the mirror will be cut.

trace the edge of a small can for the rounded corners of the mirror

You can either cut the mirror yourself* using this video. The easier and safer option is to take it to a glass shop to have them cut it for you for about $10-20.

*If you decide to cut the mirror yourself, please be careful and use safety glasses and gloves.

Once you have the rounded corners of the mirror cut, trace it on your piece of plywood.

DIY Restoration Hardware Bristol Flat Mirror tutorial

Cut the plywood with a jigsaw.

how to make a minimalist rounded rectangular mirror inspired by Restoration Hardware

Now, you’re ready to glue the mirror to the plywood using mirror adhesive.

-DIY modern farmhouse rounded rectangle mirror tutorial

While the adhesive is drying, it’s time to drill some holes in the aluminum using a 1/8″ drill bit.

Drill the holes about a 1/4″ from the edge of the bar. This way, the nails will go into the center of the edge of the plywood.

How to make a Restoration Hardware inspired Bristol Flat Mirror

Wrap one of the aluminum bars around one half of the mirror.

how to make a rounded rectangular mirror knock off of Restoration Hardware's Bristol Flat mirror

Add a few nails so the bar stays in place while you do this.

nail the flat bar into the plywood backing

Once you have one half of the mirror wrapped with the aluminum flat bar, you’ll need to cut it to length at the halfway mark at the bottom and top of the mirror. The easiest way to cut it is with the Dremel.

use a Dremel with the cutting blade on the aluminum frame

Repeat this process of wrapping the aluminum around the frame and cutting to size for the other half of the mirror.

DIY mirror inspired by Restoration Hardware Bristol Flat mirror

how to make a DIY rounded rectangle mirror

After your pieces are cut, remove the metal from the frame so you can prime and paint. You may have to sand the sharp edges where you cut first.

The easiest way to paint the frame is to hang it up so you can get to all the sides.

prime and spray paint metal mirror frames with aged iron spray paint

I absolutely love the way our mirrors turned out and still can’t believe we were able to make them ourselves for $54 a piece! Much better than RH’s price of $562, don’t you think?

Love this!!! This tutorial shows step by step how to make a knockoff of Restoration Hardware's Bristol Flat mirror.

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Love this!!! DIY Restoration Hardware Inspired Bristol Flat mirror

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