How to Make a Framed Magnetic Board + Command Center: ORC Week 4

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Progress on the pantry remodel for the One Room Challenge seems to be rolling along at lightning speed! Before I show you how we made a magnetic memo board for the command station, let me update you on what all we’ve gotten done so far. It’s been a busy 7 days!

This past week, Jason built the open shelving for the back wall of the pantry and finished the doors for the cabinets he made last week. Then, Saturday night we had a DIY date pouring the concrete countertop for the lower cabinets. I’ve painted the cabinets since this picture was taken and can’t wait to show you how they turned out in the reveal!

One Room Challenge Week 4 Pantry Progress

As much as I’d love to show you how the pantry door looks with textured glass in it and painted, I’ll save that for a tutorial. We added some detail using molding we had in the garage after we cut out the top panel.

pantry door detail

Jason also welded the shelving unit for the pantry window where I’ll be able to have an herb garden, but I’ll save those pictures for a later date since I have a tutorial to go with that as well. It’s so darn pretty that I had to share it with my mom who loves to garden and has rubbed off some of her green thumb on me.

One of the projects I’ve been wanting to make (but never had a place to put it) is a command center with a magnetic board. There’s a 5-1/2 foot blank wall in the pantry so it was calling for something substantial. And Lord knows, I need to keep organized with everything we’ve got going on with the family, the blog, and our Etsy shop. Since it’ll be in the pantry instead of the kitchen, guests will be less likely to see all the chaos that’s happening in our schedules.

The memo board we made is 26″ x 38″ but you can make a smaller one by cutting down the sheet metal with tin snips.

command center idea using a diy magnetic chalkboard

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The day before we began the project, I roughed up the galvanized sheet metal with some sandpaper and painted it with 1 coat of black primer and 2 coats of chalkboard spray paint.

diy magnetic chalkboard memo board

Next, Jason cut the sheet of 1/2″ plywood down to size. We had a scrap piece in the garage, so it needed to be cleaned up by sanding off some of the old paint. If you don’t have a table saw, you can have the guys at the home improvement store cut the plywood down for you.

DIY magnetic memo board

Then, we sprayed the backside of the sheet metal and the plywood with spray adhesive and let it sit for 5 minutes until the glue was tacky.

diy magnetic memo board chalkboard

After that, we adhered the metal to the plywood.

how to make a rustic framed magnetic board

We pulled from our stash of wooden lath strips to make the frame. They’re the same ones I used to make the poster hangers for my oldest son’s room. Lath was used back in the day of plaster walls and ceilings. You can find it on Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, or even in the dumpster where remodeling of Pre-Mid-Century modern homes is happening.

salvaged wood lath strips

how to make a framed magnetic board

Next, we made a frame by cutting the lath down to size and adhered it to the front and sides with wood glue and 3/4″ nails. Then, we attached the D-rings to the back.

DIY magnetic chalkboard command station
magnetic chalkboard command station memo board
Calendar | White Magnetic Clips | File Folder Holders| Craft Paper File Folder

The diamond pattern in the file folder holders mimics the diamond pattern in the black and white hexagon tile.

command station file folder baskets

Soon, I’ll share how easy it was to make the letters for the quote on the memo board.

diy magnetic memo board (1)

I’ll also do a tutorial on the map magnets. I made a magnet for a few of the places we’ve lived and love to visit.

map magnets

To hold pens and scissors, I spray painted pepper containers with the same chalkboard paint I used for the board.

I attached the pen holder with magnets using a glue gun.

use a spice container for a pen holder

The other spice container was attached to the file folder holder with zip ties.

how to make a framed magnetic memo board chalkboard

I still have to finish up by moving some of my paperwork into the file folders but the hard work is done. Now, I have a place to control the chaos and simplify our schedules. Yay!

Now, it’s onto the rest of the list of things to do:


  • Prime and paint the walls
  • Install the cement board and the black & white hexagon tile floor
  • DIY magnetic chalkboard command center
  • Add glass to a solid wood door we found at the Habitat for Humanity
  • Build the pantry shelving and a supply cabinet
  • Paint the cabinetry and doors
  • Concrete countertops
  • Add steel and glass shelving in front of the window similar to our custom Etsy steel shelving for an herb garden
  • Install lighting
  • Tutorial on DIY map magnets and letter magnets
  • DIY labels for organizing the pantry canisters and baskets
  • Baseboard and crown molding


Week One: Design and Moodboard

Week Two: Hexagon Tile Flooring

Week Three: Pantry Cabinets


Be sure to check out all the other participants for the One Room Challenge. There’s so much creativity on one page!

One Room Challenge

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  1. Thanks sharing this article about the day framed chalkboard magnetic board command center this is help us information

  2. I would love to know where to find the file folder holders under the blackboard in the pantry. You did a beautiful job with this makeover! Love your taste and appreciate the tutorials!

    1. Thank you so much, Laura! I found the hanging file folder holders on Amazon. The link is here: or you can search for “DESIGNA Vertical Wall-Mounted 3-Tier File Folder Organizer, Black Rhombic Metal Mesh Hanging Holder”. They’re actually less expensive now than when I purchased them and they have an extra 20% off coupon showing (but I’m not sure if that’s just for Prime members). They’ve really come in handy keeping up with receipts, bills, and my sons’ paperwork from school.

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