How to Make a Bunny Boxwood Wreath: Easter Decor


I’m sure my neighbor thought I was crazy when I texted her at 8:30 the other night asking if I could have a couple of wire hangers. Most neighbors ask for a cup of sugar, but the crazy craft lady next door asks for clothes hangers. When the creative mood strikes, you just have to go with it. Today, I’m sharing how I made the bunny boxwood wreath from my Easter decor vignette out of

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{I’ve been} Framed Christmas Tree Ornament Wreath

Christmas tree ornament wreath

If there were such thing as the Glue Gun Police, I’d be an outlaw and my boys would be my partners in crime. My name would be Bonnie, and I would be packing a glue gun. And if you were to see the monstrosity of hot glue on the back of my wreath, I’d be fined for overzealous use of a craft product. Nothing comes between a crafty girl and her glue gun…except for thin

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Natural Boxwood Wreath {A Tutorial}

boxwood wreath supplies

This year will set a record in this house for how soon I got started decorating for Christmas. I’m writing this one down in the calendar. I can’t wait to show you what other projects I’ve been up to, but I thought I’d squeeze this one in since it was so easy!We have a boxwood topiary in our backyard that needed shaping up, so this seemed like the perfect timing for me to use this

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