Painted Pine Cone Garland {A Simple Christmas Craft Project}


As promised, I’m sharing how I made the painted pine cone garland that I showed you in my Simple Christmas Vignette post.

With Christmas only 11 days away, any decorating project from here on out must have the following criteria: minimal effort, time and expense.

The only supplies you need are pine cones, spray primer, spray paint, jute twine and hot glue.

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Verdigris Magnetic Chalkboard and Instagram Gallery {Tutorial}

*Fair warning. There will be lots of pictures, but this is two tutorials packed into one bite-sized post.* I lead a sheltered life, so it was just recently that I jumped on the thrift store bandwagon. I just have to be careful which days I go because of one frequent shopper that I’ve nicknamed The Shopping Cart Lady. Note to self: Shopping carts in the Goodwill are not for items that the employees are getting

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Rivets for the Restoration Hardware Inspired Cabinet {A Tutorial}

As promised, I’m giving you a quick how-to on the faux rivets I used for the industrial cabinet that I painted in the boys’ room. I’ve also been working on a special project for Thistlewood Farm’s Fall For Spray Paint Party. It’s two tutorials in one so I hope you come back tomorrow to see what I linked up. It was well worth ruining my manicure.To make the faux rivets, you will need domed upholstery

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Decoupaged Map Crate {Mod Podge Madness}

      Once upon a time, there was a cute little blue crate. It sat on the floor in two cute little boys’ bedroom. It had wheels, well, just because someone thought that would make it look even cuter. And it held stuffed animals. A lot of stuffed animals. Then one day, one of the cute little boys grew older and told his mother, “Stuffed animals are lame, Mom.” (his exact words), so…the crate

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DIY Galvanized Curtain Rods from Plumbing Parts

I wish I had a dollar every time someone at the home improvement store asks me, “What are planning to do with all that stuff?”. What I really wish is that a had a camera the day the cashier asked me the same thing about all the plumbing parts in my cart. When I told her I was making DIY curtain rods, all she could utter is, “oh”. By the look on her face, it

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Restoration Hardware Inspired Industrial Pendant Light…Uncaged

    Some call it cheap, but frugal sounds so much more complimentary. I am quite stubborn when it comes to parting with my money. I also like the challenge of finding something that I really like and then figuring out how to do it myself. Sometimes it causes more undue stress in my life than necessary, but most times it is well worth the effort. I needed to find something to replace the bare

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Tutorial for a Burlap and Crystal Jewelry Holder

  Like most women, I love jewelry! Not necessarily the designer variety. I just like variety! Nothing sets an outfit apart like a pop of color. Even a simple strand of pearls can give a basic T-shirt and jeans a bit of panache. The problem is that if I don’t SEE what I have, I forget about it.   Therefore, the construction of a rustic but refined jewelry frame came to be. I also have a

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Faux Easy Mercury Pendant Light

Welcome! This is my very first blog post! I’ve been wanting to start a blog ever since I stumbled upon Young House Love and The Lettered Cottage 3 years ago. I am hopelessly addicted to home decor and doing things myself. My other addiction is Pinterest. My only saving grace with Pinterest is that I have been a lot more productive with projects around the house this past year, except for all the time I

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