Vintage Tart Tin Garland: A Simple Fall Craft Project Idea

When I found a set of vintage mini tart tins in a thrift store, I bought them not knowing what I’d end up using them for. I just knew they only had a 10% chance of being used to make tiny tartlets. Instead of making it to the kitchen, the tins were used to make a simple fall craft project, a garland with printable typewriter keys.  This is the easiest craft project I’ve created in a

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Painted Pine Cone Garland {A Simple Christmas Craft Project}


As promised, I’m sharing how I made the painted pine cone garland that I showed you in my Simple Christmas Vignette post.

With Christmas only 11 days away, any decorating project from here on out must have the following criteria: minimal effort, time and expense.

The only supplies you need are pine cones, spray primer, spray paint, jute twine and hot glue.

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