Repurposed Crate Storage Table


We have a few things left to do to our covered porch before it’s ready for cookouts and company. One of my favorite projects so far gave us some much needed storage and best of all, it was (nearly) free. I have to admit it, I’m not shy when it comes to asking for free stuff. You never know when someone is ready to give up something they consider junk. When the idea struck me

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Decoupaged Map Crate {Mod Podge Madness}


      Once upon a time, there was a cute little blue crate. It sat on the floor in two cute little boys’ bedroom. It had wheels, well, just because someone thought that would make it look even cuter. And it held stuffed animals. A lot of stuffed animals. Then one day, one of the cute little boys grew older and told his mother, “Stuffed animals are lame, Mom.” (his exact words), so…the crate

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