I’m Guest Posting over at Beneath My Heart Today!

Thanks to everyone who has left sweet comments on the framed Christmas ornament wreath that I posted last Sunday! It has been my favorite holiday project thus far.

I’m a doing a guest post for Traci at Beneath My Heart today!!! {Can you tell by my the extra exclamation points that I’m a little excited? I promise I’ll try to control my punctuation marks from now on.}

I never realized how much the blogging community is filled with genuinely kind-hearted people until I started a blog myself. I was just one of those followers who never commented.

I can tell that Traci has a heart of gold! And she is raising four boys, so she has a special place reserved in Heaven already.

Traci from Beneath My Heart

If you think she’s adorable, you should see her kitchen!

You know that I love catalog knock-offs, so today I am sharing with Traci’s readers a tutorial on how to make Wisteria Catalog inspired chalkboard place cards. They are super easy, inexpensive and just in time for your holiday get-togethers!

So, hop on over to Beneath My Heart to see the tutorial!

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  1. Found you through Beneath my heart! I too am a mom of all boys! 4


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