{I’ve been} Framed Christmas Tree Ornament Wreath

If there were such thing as the Glue Gun Police, I’d be an outlaw and my boys would be my partners in crime.

My name would be Bonnie, and I would be packing a glue gun.

And if you were to see the monstrosity of hot glue on the back of my wreath, I’d be fined for overzealous use of a craft product.

Nothing comes between a crafty girl and her glue gun…except for thin mints…maybe.

I had saved this picture of a framed ornament Christmas tree on my Seasonal Pinterest board since last year. I’ve wanted to make one for our front door, but there were a couple of problems.

Inspiration picture:

via Bright Bazaar Blog

#1. There was not a tutorial on the website, only the idea to hot glue ornaments to a board. {Great idea and a beautiful blog, Bright Bazaar Blog!}

#2. I did not have an old window with a screen that would fit my front door.

Improvisation ensues!

This is how I turned an old picture frame, some inexpensive plastic ornaments, foam board and twine into a framed ornament wreath for our front door. Oh, and a few staples and a whole bunch of hot glue!

The How-to:

1. If you look at the bottom of the picture, you can see a piece of wood along the bottom of the ornaments. This keeps the ornaments from rolling around and gives you a straight line. I made sure the ornament triangle would fit inside my frame. I traced around the shape of the triangle onto the foam board. {You may have noticed that I decided against using the silver ornaments.}

2. I put dots along the inside of the triangle between the ornaments. This way, I would know the smallest size I could cut the triangle so the foam board would not show, but still be big enough to glue my ornaments to.

3. I connected the dots and cut out the foam board to the smaller size of the triangle. The bottom part of the triangle was not made smaller.

4. I painted the foam board the same color as my front door. This is optional, but I didn’t want to chance seeing the white peek though.

5. Once the paint dried, I propped up the board and began hot gluing the ornaments.

The back of the frame:

This is how the triangle is attached to the frame. There is also twine that runs across the bottom of the triangle that is stapled to the sides of the frame. Just a little tip: Staple the twine to the frame, put on a dab of hot glue, then fold down the twine and staple again.

It’s a hot-glue-mess from the back…

But looks pretty cute from the front.

I just hope I’m pardoned on count of having to figure it out as I go!

I’m really excited to announce that I will be doing a guest post this Wednesday for Traci on Beneath My Heart!

I feel so honored that she is letting me share a special DIY project on her blog!

I’m linking up to some of my favorite blogs such as:

Three Mango Seeds

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  1. Kathy Thompson says:

    The ornament tree looks great – and who ever sees the back side of things? That has always been one of the guiding philosophies of my life! I also enjoy seeing something and trying to figure out how it was done. As a fellow upstate SC resident (Greenville) I really like reading your blog and seeing your ideas. Keep up the good work!

  2. You did great! I love it.

  3. This is so cute, I love it. I might have to give this one a try!!
    Marianne 🙂

  4. So funny!!! Love the picture! Great idea instead of a wreath:)! Jen

  5. This tree door wreath is so cute and very creative. I love unexpected things used in unique ways i.e. your ornament tree wreath. Love it. Thanks for stopping by In His Grip.

  6. This is way toooooooooooo cute for words. I really LOVE it. So glad you shared it with my knock off decor party.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you like it! I saw that you would be having your Knock-offs Party this week so I’m glad I got it done in time to join in on the fun!

  7. That is too cute. Looks perfect with your door color.

  8. My friend Debbie sent me and said you were awesome…she wasn’t kidding!

  9. Love it! Great idea to paint the board the same as your door. The colors look so happy!


  10. Just popping over from Debbiedoo’s Knock Off Party. This is great! Thanks for including the tutorial and the original. So clever to paint the board the same colour as your door!

  11. Great adaptation!. So doable, why did you decide against silver ornaments?

  12. I tried to comment earlier but couldn’t get it to show up…trying again 😉 hopefully it will go through this time!
    I was afraid I’d come back and see my post in 3 duplicates!

    I love the ornament tree! So cute and creative. And brilliant to paint the foam board the same color as the door. Which I love the color of, btw! Ours is currently black but I’ve been wanting to paint it a teal/aqua ish color for a while. Maybe I’ll get to it someday!!

  13. This is so adorable! Thanks for the tutorial. Will definitely have to try it.

    I’m visiting from It’s Overflowing.

  14. Tricia, I love this project. It is something that my daughter would love to help with. It is so adorable on your front door! Will definitely try for next year! Christy 🙂

  15. Paula Beckham says:

    Great job! Love how you figured it out to make it work for your door and for what you had on hand. Problem solving is one of the greatest talents you can have! Thanks for sharing.

  16. I LOVE this so much!!!

  17. I am getting ready to make this craft this weekend and have a few questions. First – you just used the wood piece at the bottom of the triangle to help get your pattern correct? You didn’t have it in your completed project did you? And second – did you attach the bottom of your tree to the frame at all with twine or no? I couldn’t quite decide. Thanks!!!

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