Sweet and Petite Blue & Green Master Suite {A Work In Progress}

master bedroom

I still have a few details and one BIG project in our master bedroom that I need to complete, but it is pretty close to the finish line. If I had waited until I felt like it was completely done, you’d never get to see it! Rooms in this home change faster than Katy Perry’s hair color. This is how our bedroom looked back in 2006. In 2008, I went though a I-must-paint-all-my-walls-chocolate-brown phase. This

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Need Some Inspiration & A Tutorial? Well, Here’s Your Sign {8 Great DIY Sign Tutorials}


This has been an absolutely amazing week! The aged steel Ikea cabinet that I painted for Parker and Mason’s room was featured three times: Ikea Hackers, Knock Off Decor, and Apartment Therapy. Never in a million years would I have thought that my spur-of-the-moment paint project would generate so much interest. I knew that people would either love it or hate it. But I kept reminding myself that what really matters when doing something that

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Verdigris Magnetic Chalkboard and Instagram Gallery {Tutorial}

collage magnetic chalkboard instagram gallery

*Fair warning. There will be lots of pictures, but this is two tutorials packed into one bite-sized post.* I lead a sheltered life, so it was just recently that I jumped on the thrift store bandwagon. I just have to be careful which days I go because of one frequent shopper that I’ve nicknamed The Shopping Cart Lady. Note to self: Shopping carts in the Goodwill are not for items that the employees are getting

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Rivets for the Restoration Hardware Inspired Cabinet {A Tutorial}


As promised, I’m giving you a quick how-to on the faux rivets I used for the industrial cabinet that I painted in the boys’ room. I’ve also been working on a special project for Thistlewood Farm’s Fall For Spray Paint Party. It’s two tutorials in one so I hope you come back tomorrow to see what I linked up. It was well worth ruining my manicure.To make the faux rivets, you will need domed upholstery

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Simple Southern Chicken Stew {A Favorite Fall Recipe}

Simple Southern Chicken Stew Recipe

Gone are the sounds of crickets…hello to the sounds of college football and a crackling fire in the background. Sigh…I’m a happy girl! The fall weather is officially arriving this week! Now that the heat and humidity have finally ended, I have some outdoor projects that I’ll finally be able to start. I’m making shutters for our home this fall and I can’t wait to see how much of a difference they’ll make. One of

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Faux Aged Steel Ikea Cabinet Inspired By Restoration Hardware


Restoration Hardware…oh, how I adore thee. You are so rugged, yet refined. You showed up on my door step again the other day. As I gazed into the pages of your catalog and admired your industrial awesomeness, I was once again reminded that you’re so out of my league. I am but a poor girl from the wrong side of the tracks. I couldn’t help but be saddened by the fact that you could never

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{Room Reveal} Our Two Youngest Boys’ Shared Bedroom

Faux aged steel industrial Ikea cabinet

      I could really kick myself for not taking pictures of our home when I first moved in here after my husband and I got married in 1999. Mr. Simplicity bought this house a month before we met on a blind date. The bedroom that I am showing you used to be Brad’s room mate’s room. It was painted dark navy and then sponge painted with gold craft paint.       It’s

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