Mod Podge Map Clock Tutorial {More Mod Podge Maps and a Moodboard}

Map mod podge clock

 “Ok Ma’am, put down the Mod Podge, slowly back away and no one gets hurt.” I PROMISE that I will not give you another decoupage project for a loooong time. If I do, I’ll just hide it and keep it for myself. I just can’t help it! It’s so simple and so immediately gratifying. I found a clock at the Goodwill for a buck and couldn’t pass it up. When I got it home, I

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Decoupaged Map Crate {Mod Podge Madness}


      Once upon a time, there was a cute little blue crate. It sat on the floor in two cute little boys’ bedroom. It had wheels, well, just because someone thought that would make it look even cuter. And it held stuffed animals. A lot of stuffed animals. Then one day, one of the cute little boys grew older and told his mother, “Stuffed animals are lame, Mom.” (his exact words), so…the crate

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Eleven Inspiring Ideas For Using Maps and Mod Podge


It feels good to be be back to the blog! This past week and a half have been quite eventful. Our oldest son got a new-old car, I got a new blog-worthy camera, and my husband and I attended my 20 year high school reunion. This was my hot date for the night. There’s nothing like a good strong man that can carry you piggy back to the car after a party. Not because you’ve

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The No-Fail Recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies


Let me start off by saying that this is not my original recipe, but it is too darn good not to share with everyone. I stumbled upon the recipe for The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie about three years ago and this has become the only recipe I’ve used since then and the only one I’ll use for the rest of my cookie-making life. I’ve been making chocolate chip cookies ever since 10th grade when my

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{small Home/ BIG Ideas} Turn A Bifold Door Into a French Style Door


Woo hoo! Tomorrow marks Simplicity In The South’s one month old birthday! Today, I’m bringing you part two of the Small Home/ Big Ideas Series. I’m sharing budget friendly ideas to make your small home more functional while adding character in the process. Back in the day, before Pinterest and Houzz,my main source of house-eye-candy was Decorpad. This is where I discovered that it was possible to convert bifold doors to open up like a

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{Mod Podge Madness}: How to Decoupage a Galvanized Pail With Fabric

decoupaged fabric on a galvanized bin

First of all, I want to give a huge thank you to City Farmhouse for sharing my blog with her Facebook fans! I feel honored to be complimented by someone who has such an amazingly swoon-worthy home! This lucky lady has a view of the bay from her dining room windows. Staycation. Forever. Can you believe that the stores are already stocking Halloween decorations? I usually procrastinate on decorating for the holidays, but this week,

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{small Home/ BIG Ideas Series}: Solution #1 Label your baskets and bins with chalkboard tags


When you live in a home that is considered small according to US standards, you have to get creative with your storage and organization. One way to do that is to use baskets and bins wherever possible. And of course, you’ll need to label these baskets or you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to figure out where in the world you put something. Today, I’ll show you how to make simple chalkboard tags that were inspired

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On a personal note {9.1.12}


Mason’s first little league football game 9.1.12 Every now and then, I’ll be adding little snippets of my life that are totally unrelated to decorating. Some may choose to skip over these posts and I’m o.k. with that. But from my own personal experience following many, many blogs over the years, I actually like to know that the person behind the keyboard is a real person. Someone who doesn’t have impeccable grammar, a spotless house

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